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Balloon examples

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I am some big red text. File:Agile development.JPG

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SeverityShort DescriptionDescription
SNon-conformity with Safety standardsUnsafe product, non-conformity with Safety standards or requirements (CR/PR).
ANot producible or sellable productCorrection is required; the product is not producible or sellable (CR/PR), Business case strongly affected (CR).
BMajor difficultiesThe production of the product is difficult (CR/PR),

The product can be sold, but critical customers will return it (CR/PR), major business consequences (CR).

CMinor difficultiesThe product is producible with minor difficulties,

Customers tolerate the defect or do not see it (CR/PR), Nice to have Change Request (CR).

DNo issue for customersE.g. some non-critical product documentation is not up-to-date (PR).

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 (!!!! nice way of storing the tooltip in the macro itself, good for abbreviations)
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