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Add the initial golfcourse data

Do the following when creating "golfcourse content":

  • enter the "name" (like "Eindhovensche")
  • enter the par-ratings
  • zoom in on the google map to such a detail that you can see bunkers, green, fairway, etc.
  • press "save"

The result will be a golfcourse that is visible via the "Golfcourses" menu.

Define an overlay image

An overlay image which holds the course layout needs to be constructed manually. One way to do this is:

  • save one or more "google map" screencaptures of the course (via "Alt-printscreen") on your local system
  • use "" (freeware) and upload the saved screencapture(s)in one layer (You can use multiple screencaptures and "copy-paste" and "move" them such that one big background layer with the complete course is visible. Before you do this you may need to enlare the "canvas" such that all screencaptures can be added).
  • add a new layer for the overlay image (ensure that this layer is selected when you add "lines" and "circles")
  • add 18 small circles (locate them such that you later can "copy-paste" them). If you want you can use File:Golf overlay template.pdn.
  • add hole numbers into the 18 circles
  • add lines for the various holes
  • for each line "copy-paste" the circle with the hole number to the appropriate location in your overlay

Complete this for the whole overlay. When done:

  • unselect the background layer
  • save the picture into a "gif" (not "jpg"!. A "gif" keeps the image transparant)
  • save the file into a "pdn" ( format) to allow future changes

Upload the overlay image

Upload the overlay image as "Attachment" in the golf course that is created in "" Save the "golfcourse" to ensure the attachment is saved on the site.

Align the overlay image with the googlemap

Re-edit the golfcourse. Go to the googlemap and "zoom-out" such that you see the alignment markers (the "red" half-square icons). You can "drag-and-drop" to align the image. First on a coarse level and later on a more finer level (zoom in for this)

Adding panorama pictures

Panorama pictures can be added when the golfcourse is being edited. Add "camara"-icons via "right-mouse-click" in the google map. Move them to the exact position on the map. "Left-mouse-click" to edit the "camara" and add either a link to an image in wiki or a link to an image in flickr (Note that outside wiki only flickr images are allowed. Other external links will give a security error). The flickr link shall contain the file path (like You can find these by opening your photostream and right click on the image for its properties.

"Left-click" on the "camara" icon allows you to check if the image is displayed and/or to delete the image.

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